Product Care

Our  hospitality fine bone china tableware is manufactured with the finest raw materials and offers the strength and durability required in the fast paced hospitality market.

The base of all our products is highly polished, presenting an even surface which avoids instability during usage.

We hope the  following guidelines will assist you in the care of your products:


Cleaning and Dishwasher Use

  • Wash your tableware before using it for the first time.
  • Use plastic or rubber scrapers to remove leftover food from plates before washing.
  • Use a recognised de-stainer to remove stubborn marks. Do not use scouring pads.
  • Do not mix cutlery and ceramics together when cleaning.
  • Set the dishwasher temperature for wash and rinse cycles at a maximum of 65 ᵒC. Please follow the dishwasher manufacture’s guide for detergent dosage.


Storage and Handling

  • Make sure that adequate storage space is provided, using appropriate racks where possible.
  • Avoid sliding plates over one another as this may scratch the glazed surface.
  • Reduce metal marking by avoiding contact with soft metals (e.g. poor quality cutlery), stacking with metal ancillary items or abrasion with metal countertops.
  • Avoid sudden extremes of temperature, such as taking an item from the cold fridge and placing it in a hot oven.
  • Do not use gold and platinum decorated product in the microwave.
  • Handle items that contain gold or platinum decoration with extra care as they are more sensitive to detergents.